Placements that are looking for accounting.

Interested in helping our Placement Partners but don't want to volunteer directly with animals?

Many people feel empathy towards animals and are interested in helping, but aren't comfortable handling animals or working with them in a hands-on capacity. Fortunately all of our Placement Partners need volunteers to help with all aspects of their work – such as accounting. You can help animals while volunteering by using your own knowledge and specific skills. We need professionals and students like you, who love animals but have a career or education in non-medical fields. AEI Experiences can be incorporated in your university or college program as a field placement or in a less formal way as a supplement to your educational experience. Our partners always require the skills that professionals have to offer. Whatever your profession you can use your education and passion to aid these centres and the animals they serve. If you have particular skills that you would like to share while volunteering with a Placement Partner, please be sure to let us know!

AEI Experiences are non-structured placements – built around your interests, your particular skill set and your schedule. AEI Experiences are project-based, working with Placement Partners that are well established in their communities. We can develop a placement for you that will allow you to contribute to a valuable project and provide you with the opportunity to travel and experience the country in which you are visiting.

We encourage our volunteers to apply for the Experience they are most interested. All of the Placement Partners need volunteers in many different fields but if you are an accountant (or have experience) and are interested in volunteering while using your professional skill set- these placements may be for you!

Dogs in Nepal.

Humane management of street dogs.There are more than 20,000 street dogs in Kathmandu. Working with this Placement Partner will have you humanely treat the street dog problem through a community changing spay, neuter and release program. Medical, education and animal care positions are available. Help this placement partner create a city where cruelty towards animals is eliminated.

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Dogs in Sierra Leone.

Humane animal population management.Already in poor health, it is common for these stray dogs to die from starvation and from lack of shelter. The feral dog population also poses a very serious health risk to the people of Sierra Leone through dog bite injuries and the transmission of rabies.

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Not sure where to start?

We are in the development stages of our AEI Personal Assessment for our potential clients. We want to place you in the best Experience possible! Until then visit our search page.