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We are currently researching, traveling to and in talks with many Placement Partners. As we get more we will be updating this search to make it easier for you to find the best Experience. Check back soon and often. We will also be updating our Facebook page and Tweeting when we make another Placement Partner so don't forget to 'like' and follow us!

To see a full list of all our experiences, please visit our Experiences page!

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We encourage our clients to apply to the Experience they find most interesting- no matter their skill level. Experiences can be changed and developed based on the client's knowledge base. However, if you are looking for professional development or a way to gain real world experience in your field, some Experiences have suggested a higher benefit from these certain professions.


Veterinary Technician and Nursing

Animal Care

Design (print and website design)
Construction (building enclosures, solar installation, etc)
Education (educators, curriculum developers and university/college/TESL instructors)

Administration and Office Management


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Some schools have decided to highlight the best practicum and co-op placements for their schools. Interested in learning more about a partnership with AEI, please contact us!

Norwalk College Veterinary Technology Program

Georgian College Veterinary Technician Program

Ridgewater College Veterinary Technologist Program

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine Program

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