Working with Wildlife

Working with Wildlife
by Dr. Heather Reid

Whether you are catching and tagging bats in the neo-tropics, hand-rearing a baby koala bear or helping care for elephants in a sanctuary, the fundamentals of working with wild animals remain the same. Regardless of the wildlife species you are working with and under what circumstances, the basic similarities can be organized into surprisingly manageable topics. Each section of the Working with Wildlife manual is structured to provide you with the background information you may need to fully understand a topic. Practical discussions are presented in clear, step by step format and technical information is included that will allow you to try more advanced procedures as you gain experience and confidence. Whether you are new to wildlife medicine or are already a veterinarian, this manual will be a valuable resource as you embark on your animal experiences.

Topics include handling and restraint, physical examination, sample collection, triage and emergency treatments, infectious disease, husbandry considerations, human safety, plus much more.

Price: $100

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