Dog Rescue in Spain, brought to you by Ethical Bean Coffee.


Help save these amazing dogs! In Spain, Galgos – Spanish greyhounds - are used primarily to hunt hares in the countryside. As “hunting dogs” these dogs are not seen as companion animals and often have difficult lives filled with neglect and abuse. Falling under the category of agricultural animals, they are not protected by Spanish law or given the same level of care that other house animals receive. And once their ability to chase and help with the hunt declines, most of these dogs are abandoned - many culled in horrific and cruel ways. This Dog Rescue Group in Spain has decided that humans have failed these Galgos enough. Traveling all over Spain, this group rescues abandoned and abused Galgos from horrific situations. The Galgos are given medical care, physiotherapy, aqua-therapy, socialization and love until they can be adopted. This centre adopts these rehabilitated dogs to new homes all over the world, including places as far away as Norway and Canada. Galgos as companion animals are known for their gentleness, sleepy attitudes and charming facial expressions. And they love being part of the group. There is always a happy pack of Galgos to great you at the gate when you come in to visit! Surprisingly, in spite of their shocking and horrific past lives, this centre does not have many experiences with dangerous or aggressive Galgos- past volunteers have all remarked how gentle and loving these dogs are. Volunteers at this centre help care for the dogs – which can number as many as 35 at one time. Waking up early in the morning, volunteers spend time in the Galgos’ area, cleaning their paddock, preparing their meals and deliver breakfast. The dogs are socialized throughout the day while their beds are changed and cleaned. Aqua-therapy and physiotherapy takes place on site while most of the medical procedures take place at a veterinary clinic in town. During the school year the group makes presentations to local schools and community groups, in an attempt to bring awareness to the plight of these gentle dogs. Much of the educational work happens in the middle of the day while the Galgos socialize with each other in their open space runs and yards. The group hopes to help change Spain's legal system, which currently does not recognize Galgos as companion animals so does not regard their welfare to be as important as other dog breeds. This centre is a voice for change and we hope our volunteers pick up this mission too. We aren't just looking for volunteers to help the Galgos during their time at the centre, we are looking for global advocates who will help these animals by spreading the message of love, and care and required changes to legislation!

Includes: Airport pick up and drop off (at the Malaga airport), Finca Accommodation, On-site training, Emergency Support, Donation to Placement Partner, AEI Travel Manual, $10 Credit in our Zazzle store (towards the purchase of recycled water bottles, reusable bags, etc), American and Canadian clients get 50% off at the online AEI IceBreaker store, Carbon credits to offset 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, Premium Individual Travel Insurance (up to $500, 000 USD in emergency medical coverage), Travel discounts (through automatic membership to a volunteer only travel discount program), 24/7 Travel and emergency assistance. Are you thinking of fundraising for a portion, or all your fees? Many of our clients have been very successful with their fundraising efforts. To learn more about their successful fundraising projects and see how you can fund raise for your experience, please visit our fundraising page!

Excludes: Meals, Flights, Entry visa costs, International and domestic airport taxes, Immunizations and medications. Note: The rabies vaccine is recommended but not required. If volunteers are interested in becoming rabies vaccinated, the average cost is $600- $1000 in North America.

 Accommodation: You will be staying in your own cabin that is located inside the centre grounds. The grounds are a small “Finca” (farm), 20 minutes from the town. You will be responsible for your own cooking and cleaning. The cabin has a private bathroom, kitchen and patio! The Finca is completely fenced and has a family living on the grounds, making this a home stay of sorts, although you have your own private space. AEI believes that home stays offer you the best experience during your time in Spain by allowing you to save money, while providing you with an easy way to integrate into Spanish culture. The Finca is within quick driving distance to the sea, cafes, shops and entertainment. This is the perfect place to have a quiet get away while volunteering with animals. All of our home stays have been selected by an approved AEI Destination Management Company. Are you nervous about travel and your safety? It's okay, travelling and volunteering can be overwhelming, that is why we exist! To help you travel safe, volunteer smartly and get back home in one piece. To read more about how we help you stay safe, please read our Guide to Safety.

 Volunteer Activities: Medical volunteer activities include helping to assess and treat sick and injured dogs and cats, assisting with vaccinating dogs and administering some medications. Standard volunteer activities include helping to socialize the dogs, washing and brushing the dogs at the centre, cleaning enclosures, feeding the animals, helping with administrative tasks, distributing promotional materials, educating the public on Galgos and promoting the humane and kind treatment of animals.

This is an ongoing program with operations every day of the year. There are no specific start or end dates. We work with you and your schedule so you can serve this community and help animals when you are available.

Classification of Placement: Medical: Entry. Standard: Entry, Advanced and Specialized.

All classifications of volunteers are needed by this Placement partner and we encourage you to apply no matter your skill or experience level. However, if you are looking for a Placement to use your specific skills, the professionals who would be most beneficial to this placement would be volunteers with experience in: administration, photography, fundraising and design.

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OAVTThis is an official pre-approved OAVT Partnership. All participants are eligible for a minimum of 5 Continuing Education credits.
Trip Cost
length of stay
Price (in canadian dollars)
2 weeks $ 1690
3 weeks $ 2030
4 weeks $ 2370
8 weeks $ 3730
Groups of 5 or more: 10% off individual fees.