Experiences with Bats.

Medical Placements
Suitable for anyone having received AEI training.

May include: handling the animals, collecting samples (such as hair, fecal samples), feeding the animals, cleaning enclosures, working with orphaned animals.
Suitable for Veterinary Technicians/Nurses and Veterinary Science (including Veterinary Technician and Nursing) Students.

May include: blood collection, lab work, IV catheter placement, anesthetic monitoring, administering medication, tube feeding, assisting with dentistry, assisting with x-rays.
Suitable for Veterinarians.

May include: Physical exams and assessments, diagnostic testing, medical treatments, sample collection, emergency medicine, anesthesia, surgery, euthanasia, dentistry, radiography, necropsy.
Standard Placements
Suitable for anyone having received AEI training.

May include: Data entry, cage construction, facility maintenance, help with fundraising activities.
Suitable for students specializing in a particular field who have experience in areas that would benefit AEI partner organizations.

May include: graphic design, writing and editing, fundraising, enclosure design.
Suitable for professionals in their field who want to aid animal sanctuaries by volunteering their expertise, whether it be through consultation, services or teaching.

May include: lawyers, engineers, teachers, business administrators, fundraisers, photographers.


Bats and Flying Foxes in Australia.

Sick, injured and orphaned flying foxes and bat care in a hospital setting.Bats have long been the victims of negative public opinion, and this coupled with loss a habitat, are the root causes of many problems facing the conservation of bats. The hospital dedicates its efforts to rescuing sick, injured and orphaned bats and treats all four species of Australian flying foxes,and a few microbats such as Little Free-tailed bats and Becarrii’s Free-tailed bats.

This placement is suitable for all volunteers. Tasks can be changed to better suit the needs for any Medical or Standard volunteer.

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Bat Research and Conservation in Cuba.

One week bat research projects. Tourism has been very important for the economics of Cuba, but has also resulted in habitat destruction, and hotel development. Many animals are affected by this loss of habitat, including several species of bats. Our partner organization in Cuba focuses its scientific work on bat conservation and needs your help.

This placement is suitable for entry medical and entry and advanced standard volunteers.

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