Dog and Cat Rescue and Care Kenya.


The animals that come to our centre in Nairobi, Kenya are lucky animals. But these animals don't start off with a lucky story. The unfortunate reality is that domestic and farm animals are often abused and abandoned. Some have been used in dog fighting, others have been used in political protests and then left on the busy and dangerous downtown streets and many others are just mistreated and neglected. Our partner shelter doesn't just pick these animals up - they rescue them. All of the animals that have been brought to the centre will have the chance to be adopted in the community. To ensure these adoptions are successful, the staff and volunteers do everything they can to make these animals feel safe again. All dogs are socialized and taught to walk on a lead, sit and stay! The cats live in completely enclosed catteries so they can feel safe outside but also not prey on local birds. The donkeys, pigs, goats, horses and sheep are free to move around paddocks and graze as nature intended. More than 300 animal adoptions happen every year and countless school groups come to the centre for presentations about caring for animals in a safe and loving way. This centre has also been a strong and loud advocate for the humane and gentle care of donkeys that are traditionally seen as beasts of burden. The centre will outfit any donkey owner with a humane harness and help the donkey to be trained to be of service without negative reinforcement and abuse.

The centre is open air and out of the congested downtown, making it a true sanctuary for anyone looking to spend time in a world class city. Volunteers stay in the home of a local supporter of the centre and are escorted to and from the placement by the host family or by someone from the centre. This placement is for anyone who is looking to help domestic animals but doesn't mind getting a little wild. Sometimes the commute to the centre takes longer because baboons need to cross the local roads. There is a giraffe centre located down the road that you can visit. And a monkey or two have been known to stop by and take food - or even wait outside of the vet's office for his turn to receive medical attention! This placement is a “chose your own adventure” experience as we are looking for volunteers to help in many areas - such as fundraising, event planning, animal socialization, cleaning and vet services.

Includes: Airport pick up and drop off (at closest airport), Accommodation, Meals, In country travel while volunteering, On-site training, Donation to Placement Partner, AEI Travel Manual, $10 Credit in our Zazzle store (towards the purchase of recycled water bottles, reusable bags, etc), American and Canadian clients get 50% off at the online AEI IceBreaker store, Emergency support while at Placement, Carbon credits to offset 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, Premium Individual Travel Insurance (up to $500, 000 USD in emergency medical coverage), Travel discounts (through automatic membership to a volunteer only travel discount program), 24/7 Travel and emergency assistance. Are you thinking of fundraising for a portion, or all your fees? Many of our clients have been very successful with their fundraising efforts. To learn more about their successful fundraising projects and see how you can fund raise for your experience, please visit our fundraising page!

Excludes: Flights, Entry visa costs, International and domestic airport taxes, Immunizations and medications. Note: The rabies vaccine is required for this Experience, if volunteers are interested in becoming rabies vaccinated, the average cost is $600- $1000 in North America.

Accommodation: You will be placed in the home of a local family. AEI believes that home stays offer you the best experience during your time in Kenya by allowing you to save money, while providing you with an easy way to integrate into Kenyan culture. All of our home stays have been selected by an approved AEI Destination Management Company.

Volunteer Activities: Standard volunteers will do their part to keep the centre clean and the animals healthy and happy. Cleaning of dog runs, paddocks, enclosures, as well as the catteries are every day activities. Cooking, preparing food for and feeding the hundreds of animals at the centre, as well as the ongoing training and socialization of each animal who will be adopted out. Rescue ride-alongs, event preparation/attendance and educational presentations and tours may also be part of the volunteer experience if you are interested. Specialized Medical duties include diagnosing and treating medical conditions, administering vaccinations, and providing anesthesia and surgical services as needed. Advanced Medical duties include assisting with diagnostic testing, medical and surgical treatments and anesthesia, providing care for animals in hospital, as well as feeding the animals in care and helping with basic cleaning. 

This is an ongoing program with operations every day of the year. There are no specific start or end dates. We work with you and your schedule so you can serve this community and help animals when you are available. Are you nervous about travel and your safety? It's okay, travelling and volunteering can be overwhelming, that is why we exist! To help you travel safe, volunteer smartly and get back home in one piece. To read more about how we help you stay safe, please read our Guide to Safety.

Classification of Placement: Standard: Entry, Advanced and Specialized. Medical: Entry, Advanced and Specialized.

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OAVTThis is an official pre-approved OAVT Partnership. All participants are eligible for a minimum of 5 Continuing Education credits.
Trip Cost
length of stay
2 weeks $ 2160
3 weeks $ 2680
4 weeks $ 3200
Groups of 5 or more: 10% off individual fees.