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About the Team

AEI empowers students, professionals and animal lovers to travel by providing exceptional volunteer adventures.

Animal Experience International (AEI) is a B Corporation with a mission to help animals around the globe by matching clients with animal-related volunteer opportunities at sanctuaries, hospitals and research projects. Through their work as a wildlife veterinarian and as a volunteer coordinator for wildlife rehabilitation centres, Heather and Nora have come to understand the need for such an organization. People like you, from all walks of life, and from every country, are seeking animal-related experiences as volunteers. We are here to make sure you have a safe and rewarding journey.

Animal Experience International is a certified B Corporation. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. For more information please visit the B Corporation website.

Dr. Heather Reid

Veterinary Coordinator

Dr. Heather Reid is a wildlife veterinarian with over 15 years experience. She has worked with more than 200 species of native wild animals in Canada’s busiest wildlife hospital. Her veterinary interests are many, ranging from orthopedic surgery to conservation medicine and she enjoys the challenges that come with working with wild patients. Whenever possible, Dr. Reid takes her clinical skills out of the hospital and into the field where she can work with wildlife in their natural habitat. Her work with conservation research projects has ranged from salamanders to wolverines and has taken her deep into the wilds of Canada’s forests. Dr. Reid is a member of the Canadian Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians. She has been an instructor for the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, and has taught Chemical Immobilization of wildlife for the CAZWV. Dr. Reid enjoys working with students and has taught and mentored countless veterinary and veterinary technician students over the years. It is the enthusiasm and dedication of these students and volunteers that inspires Dr. Reid. She is excited to take the skills of volunteers to animal organizations around the world that can benefit from their help.
Nora Livingstone

Volunteer Coordinator

Nora Livingstone has extensive travel and volunteer experience. She has volunteered with animals in such places as Nepal, Thailand, Sierra Leone and Costa Rica. She loves the idea of empowering people to live their dreams and travel while helping animals. Nora holds a double major from Trent University in Environmental Studies and Cultural Anthropology. She is an Online Suicide Intervention Specialist and holds an internationally recognized competency certificate from the QPR institute. While working as a volunteer coordinator at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Canada, Nora was able to gain extensive knowledge of volunteer management. She currently works as a consultant for charities that are looking to start or upgrade their volunteer program. Nora holds FEMA certifications for volunteering, leadership and deployment during natural disasters, which she has put to good use rescuing animals in places like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Having spent thousands of hours in planes, trains, tuk-tuks, buses, canoes and in her dirty ol' hiking boots, Nora is excited to be helping people experience AEI’s animal adventures for themselves.

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